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Tree Service in Roswell, GA

1st Tree Service Roswell GA logoWe at 1st Tree Service are a team of skilled and seasoned certified arborists, tree doctors, and tree technicians who love trees and are enthusiastic about tree care. With more than ten years of professional experience, we are more than confident that we can provide unmatched tree service elsewhere. We are impassioned over tree service because we want to make an impact not only on every customer we serve but on the entire community. We are wholly dedicated to our mission of delivering high-quality tree care services that will maintain a tree’s physical condition, safety, and overall wellness. Our company has built our reputation on excellence and mutual trust with our clients. Our dedication and unparalleled quality are demonstrated in every task we perform. We always try to enhance a tree’s health and aesthetics no matter where it is located– whether it is your business or home.  We are the tree service Roswell, GA property owners trust. 

Picture of a split tree from storm damage in Roswell, GAClient satisfaction has always been our top priority ever since we started operation. We believe that excellent customer service is what spells the difference when it comes to a positive customer experience. While we believe quality comes first, we make sure not to compromise our customer’s happiness in the process. We always do our best to outdo ourselves every time we carry out a tree service task. When you give us a call, you can expect one of our back-end officers to answer your call or phone you back immediately. We never delay service and promise punctuality for every project because time is valuable when it comes to tree care. You can count on us to be on time whenever you book us for a tree care project. Rest assured that we will never leave your home or business in a mess. We will accomplish the task on hand and clean the area for your satisfaction.

Our company commenced tree care with only one goal in mind: to offer skilled tree services that are accessible to all our customers. The welfare of your trees comes first to our team, and we will do our best to help maintain their health for the years to come. To accomplish this objective, we work with some of the most skilled and masters of tree care in the industry. All of our staff members are background checked and screened thoroughly to ensure they fit the qualifications of an arborist. While we are all seasoned with experience, we never slacken and continue to strive hard to improve our craft. With over four decades of combined expertise, we are self-assured that we can deliver outstanding tree services throughout Roswell, GA, and its surrounding cities.

Tree Service Roswell, GA Trusts

Picture of our crew member watching a tree fall from a tree cutting in Roswell, GAOn top of working with the best team, we also invest in top-tier tools and equipment available in the market. Like ammunition to the soldiers, equipment is our essential tool to make each task seamless and effortless. We have stump grinders, chainsaws, and other cutting tools, that are all maintained adequately for their maximum potential. We utilize hoists, cherry pickers, and heavy-duty equipment to perform more challenging tasks. We also have wood chippers in handy to efficiently process debris and other tree-related waste brought about by the tree service we perform. With the help of our industrial-grade machinery, we can finish any task in one piece, without delays. 

Some of our customers prefer not to use heavy-equipment on their landscape due to fear of damage. While we often utilize such equipment, it will not be a problem for us to manually climb the tree with a safety harness and carefully remove every branch down to the trunk. We understand that there are instances when our equipment will not fit into backyards or landscape, and we are flexible enough to carry out the task with other tools we have available. We are one of the few tree contractors in Roswell, GA, capable of performing a wide variety of tree services using only a chainsaw and a safety harness. 

We are fully aware that our potential customers have options regarding tree service contractors in Roswell, GA, including companies that go house-to-house to solicit business. However, we want to warn you about these companies because most, if not all of them, are not insured or even licensed to perform complicated tree services. These companies will expose you to financial and legal responsibilities in case an accident takes place while they do the tree service in your yard. Companies as such do not provide their employees with proper worker’s compensation making their customers subject to legal complications when something wrong happens. With 1st Tree Service taking care of your tree care concerns, you can be assured of zero liability of any forms because we are secured with the proper license, insurance, and bond. We can also provide you a copy of our documentation as proof of our sincerity in the job. We implore you to be wary of tree companies that promise low rates because they can be just concerned for your money and not the welfare of your trees.  We have been the tree removal Roswell, GA property owners have called since 2010. 

Our Services

Picture of our ground crew cutting down a tree for a customer in Roswell, GAAll of our tree specialists have more than enough years of valuable experience in tree service. We are experts in maintaining a tree’s health using effective techniques and safety methods. Our team always works to the best of our abilities to guarantee the success and satisfaction of our clients. We can tell you more about how we can help improve the general welfare of your trees if you contact us today. One of our specialists will address your questions and walk you through our process. At present, we can deliver the following tree services: tree pruning, tree removal, tree care professionals, stump removal, storm damage cleanup, and free consultations. 

Roswell Tree Care Professionals

Our zeal for tree maintenance is fueled by our desire to create relaxing, appealing, and naturally beautiful outdoor spaces in the community. Throughout the years, we can realize this goal through proper tree care and sincere love for trees. We want every tree in the city to reach its maximum potential with comprehensive tree care and professional assistance. Trees can significantly enhance your property in a way that only they can do. With our help, your trees will live long and robust despite all the odds. 

Roswell Tree Trimming

Tree pruning and trimming are common maintenance practices done to improve a tree’s natural form and health. It is done by eliminating dead, damaged, and unwanted branches, limbs, and leaves to boost the tree’s overall wellness. With correct and regular pruning, you can expect your trees to develop in a way that is ideal for their height and type. Needless to say, pruning and trimming are essential ways to give your tree the much-needed grooming it needs to thrive in the future. 

Picture of our stump grinder being used to remove a stump for a customer in Roswell, GARoswell Tree Removal

 We work with certified arborists who are trained professionals concerning the correct way of removing a tree from someone’s property. We are proud to say that all of our team members are equipped with the skills and experience to safely eliminate a tree of any size, age, and condition. Our team uses some of the best tools available to safely get rid of an unwanted tree on your property. Rest assured that no matter how challenging the task is, we are up for it and will finish it with no delays.  We are the tree removal Roswell, GA residents trust for quality tree care. 

Roswell Stump Grinding

Tree stumps are a nuisance to you and your property. Keeping them in your yard serves no benefit to you and can even cause problems in the long run. Stumps can be a breeding ground for insects and pests, especially in their decomposing stage. Apart from the danger of infestation, diseases can quickly spread with the presence of a stump. Using our state-of-the-art stump grinders, we can quickly remove the sight of the stump from your landscape.

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Tree Health Care

Your tree’s overall health is vital not only for its physical appearance but their safety and functionality. Compromised trees are an easy target for pests, fungi, and other disease-causing agents that can destroy your tree’s health. To prevent this from happening, you should schedule a regular inspection with expert arborists. 1st Tree Service can properly diagnose the overall condition of your tree to provide precisely what it needs to bloom and thrive. 

Tree Consulting

As expert tree care specialists, our mission is not only to provide you with skilled tree care and sound advice but to improve the environment with the same services. We deliver a wide range of expert services in the tree care industry so that you can receive only the best treatment concerning your trees. We can tell you whether a tree needs trimming, pruning, or removing with our ability to assess a tree thoroughly. Our team will assist you each step of the way to guarantee the best outcome.  And when you do need tree removal Roswell, GA property owners call 24×7, we will be there the same or next day. 

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If you wish to find out more about our service offerings, feel free to get in contact with us using the form you can see on our website. We will attend to your concerns as soon as we can via email or a callback. You can also call our phone lines directly if you want to talk to our representative. We will be glad to answer all your questions regarding our service and show you why we are a top-rated tree contractor in Roswell, GA.

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