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Tree Service in Roswell, GA

You’ve reached the right company if you are looking for an affordable yet excellent tree care service. We are a locally managed and run tree company offering professional tree care throughout Roswell, GA, and its surrounding areas. If your tree needs some trimming, pruning, or total removal, give us a call now, and we can help you with it. 

You will be impressed to learn how budget-friendly our rates are. We can conveniently contact your insurance provider to assist you in processing claims in case of an emergency. Whether it is an urgent situation or routine tree care maintenance, we can make it happen. You can get in touch with us today, and we will be on our way to supply you with the help you need.

Our Services

We are a full-service tree company that delivers a wide selection of tree care to accommodate all your tree care concerns. We offer our professional service in Roswell, GA, and nearby cities. Our tree specialists will assess your trees carefully before performing any tree service to ensure the quality of the work. 

Tree Removal

Tree removal is imperative in some situations. If your tree has faced complete deterioration, pest infestation, or severe storm damage, it may be time to let it go for good. Before we recommend tree removal, we will thoroughly assess the condition of your tree. We are not like most tree companies that resort to removal even if it can be restored. Allow us to handle the situation, and we will use the best techniques and equipment to take the tree down safely. 

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming remains to be the most popular service we deliver. Unlike forest trees, landscape trees need more care and attention to grow in an ideal manner. When a tree begins to overgrow and encroach your property, it can result in accidents or damages. For this reason, it is essential to trim its branches and limbs before it goes out of hand. Our skilled arborist will cut unnecessary and dangerous branches to restore your landscape trees’ safety and health. Call us today and let us help you bring out the best in your trees. 

Stump Removal​

After a tree has been removed, the next step is to deal with the unwanted stump. Tree stumps have different sizes and shapes, which is why the challenge in removing them also varies. Some homeowners try to deal with the stump with their strength, only to regret it later on. Manually removing a stump can be overwhelming, especially with all the dirt it will produce. You don’t need to go through all the hassle because we can help you rid the stump using our cutting-edge stump grinders. After we are done, you will be impressed at how pristine your yard will look. 

Emergency Service

Even if you prepare for certain events, some unexpected things are bound to happen, particularly in a storm. Trees are usually the most affected feature in the yard when a storm hits the neighborhood. Even the most resilient tree can fall victim to high winds, ice, and snow and end up severely damaged beyond restoration. A downed tree or limb can impede your property’s entryway and make things difficult for you to restore things to normal. You can get in touch with our expert team, and we will make sure to finish the cleanup process in a fraction of time. 

1st Tree Service is always ready to deliver the tree care service you require. Our professional and friendly representative will assist you every step of the way and recommend the best course of action to ensure your trees’ overall health. 

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