Emergency Tree Service in Roswell, GA

Trees are wonderful parts of the community and the environment. With all the benefits they bring us, it is hard to imagine life without their existence. However, despite all the beautiful things trees can do and provide, there are instances when they become hazardous– mainly in the face of a storm. High winds and storms can be destructive and result in trees falling on properties or streets. When you are faced with the same unfortunate situation, do not call just anyone. Call 1st Tree Service, and we will be there to assist you right away. We are available throughout the day during situations like these to offer quick and efficient assistance to different proprietors. We are proud to be the tree contractor that many residents in Roswell, GA, trust concerning their tree emergency needs. We understand that homeowners and business owners can be under stress under these circumstances, and we will do our best to ease their worries. Downed trees or damaged branches can prohibit access in residential or commercial spaces, resulting in challenges in removing any hazardous situations. Even in this difficult time, you can be assured that we are capable of providing safe and fast solutions to the problem. 

Emergency Tree Storm Damage Service You Can Trust

We all can experience this unfortunate fate with our trees. When you need quick yet affordable assistance, you only have one company to call. You can get in touch with us 24/7 for an efficient and fast cleanup service post-storm. You can rest easy that we will not delay our response and finish the task accurately the first time. 

As soon as you contact us, we will set our storm damage guidelines in motion: 

A member of our support specialist will visit your property to assess the storm damage, then start the estimation process;

We will offer a verbal quote based on facts and the current situation of your tree. After you give a green light, we will immediately follow-up with a written quote from our head office.

Our company typically has various teams to take care of emergencies like these. We will send one of them to your property to commence the cleanup job immediately;

After arriving, we will start locating and identifying potentially dangerous situations that can come from damaged limbs, weakened branches, or downed trees. We will do this while getting in touch with other essential responders that will address other non-tree-related concerns you have.

After making sure the location is safe, we will jumpstart the storm cleanup project. We will clear away debris and other waste from the storm. All forms of tree-related waste will be transported anywhere you please, or we can take them to our warehouse and recycle them. 

When we have concluded the task, you can see no evidence of the damages brought by the storm. Your property will be restored to its pristine and clean state before the storm came. 

In times of emergencies, it is easy to panic and lose sight of what is essential. Thus, we are encouraging you to save our number for future purposes. Please do not call just any tree contractor to handle your emergency because they can be con artists waiting to take advantage of your misfortune. Only choose a contractor with a clean track record and in good standing. We are licensed and insured, so you can be confident that you are covered no matter what happens during the storm-damage cleanup project. When unexpected storm-damage happens, trust only the tree company with skills and experience, like 1st Tree Service. 

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