Stump Grinding & Removal in Roswell, GA

Tree stumps are elements in your landscape that need to be removed for a variety of reasons. Stumps are the remains of an eliminated dead, dying, or heavily damaged tree from your yard. For one, stumps can cause many accidents and endanger other living trees in their surroundings. If you have a stump protruding from your landscape, it could be best to get rid of it to prevent negative things from taking place. Luckily, your reliable team from 1st Tree Service is here to solve your stump problem for a reasonable cost. 

Stump Grinding Procedure

The elaborate process of removing a stump includes the use of heavy equipment and top-rated tools operated by trained professionals. You can count on us to eliminate the stump in a safe and efficient manner because we are skilled and experienced in this area. We utilize an industrial grinder that crushes the stump until it’s reduced down to the ground. The stump grinding process will result in a mountain of mulch-like materials that you can use for gardening. 

Mess-Free Landscape After Stump Grinding

When we have finally processed the stump to the height you desire, we will jumpstart our cleanup procedure. It is vital to keep the area around the stump clean to allow new plantings to grow and bloom. Once we are done cleaning the area, you can choose to have us replant the place with grass or sod. Please don’t hesitate to let us know any requests you have, and we will be glad to address them. Our team is ready and capable of eliminating all types, shapes, and sizes of stumps. 

Stump Grinding Disposal of Waste

After completing the stump grinding task, we will immediately proceed with the cleanup job. We will remove any debris and tree-related waste that is gathered in the area throughout the grinding process. If you don’t intend to use the grindings for your use, our team can dispose of them in a green way for you. We will collect all of the grindings and remove them entirely from your landscape. Our task is done when we have made sure your lawn is free from all dirt that resulted from the stump grinding project. 

Repurpose Your Tree Stumps

As we have mentioned a while back, stump grinding remains can be utilized for other purposes such as landscaping and gardening. If you have a garden and you want to add color and texture to it, mulching it is a great way to start. Mulch from grindings can retain moisture in the ground, which is essential for trees to thrive. It is a practical yet sustainable way to improve the appearance and condition of your landscape trees. The small chips from the grinding process are highly decomposable and can be used perfectly for garden beds to keep soil from eroding and flooding. It can also ward off the grass that competes with plants and shrubs for nutrients in the soil. In case you do not have any plans for the stump grindings and wood chips, we will haul them away in our warehouse and dispose of them in an eco-friendly way. 

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